Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Ukraine Discusses Participation in Cyber Attack Protection

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The Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Stepan Havrysh, told journalists about plans to meet with NATO representatives in September to discuss Ukrainian participation in counter cyber attack measures reports National Ukrainian radio.

Deputy Secretary Havrysh was attending a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Joint Working Group on Defense Reform and spoke to the press about the significant contribution that the Ukraine could make as the country has the academic and skill based knowledge required for participation at a high level.

"We will hold a meeting of the working sub-group on cyber security with the participation of all members of the Alliance. We have already started preparations for this event. This will allow Ukraine to more actively join countering cyber attacks that do occur sometimes completely unnoticed by the world, but whose effectiveness is sometimes even higher than modern high-precision weapons have," Havrysh emphasized.

"This is an area where we can work together."

"This is an area where we can work together. Moreover,' Mr Havrysh added, " The exchange of such resources is much simpler than technologies for the production of modern aircraft, tanks and ships."

Mr Havrysh has since, today Thursday 26 May, co-chaired the eighth Senior Level meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defense Reform (JWGDR) in Kyiv with NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning, Ambassador Jirí Šedivý.

Among the issues discussed was Ukraine-NATO cooperation and the need to establish an effective inter-agency coordination system to implement defense and security sector reforms in the context of the Annual National Programme of Ukraine (ANP). This was followed by a discussion on the Strategic Defense Review in Ukraine where participants stressed that more efficient use of scarce resources would be of benefit to Ukrainian defense and security structures.

A fringe meeting was attended by non-governmental organizations, Ukrainian and Allied officials, as well as defense and security experts where a roundtable was held to discuss priorities for defense and security sector reform in Ukraine and NATO-Ukraine defense cooperation in general.

The planned September meeting of the Alliance to discuss a more active role for the Ukraine in cyber security protection is part of a series of recent measures which has seen top security analysts and senior figures meeting to discuss the future of the industry as well as the perception of other countries towards the Ukraine in relation to cyber security.

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